Investing in Vision – pastoral leadership manual

Growing in Christ – discipleship manual

Scroll down and click red links below for each chapter for the two manuals. These manuals are free to download as it is not breaking any copyright infringement. There is now a hard copy Khmer version of ‘Growing in Christ’ and by scrolling to the bottom of page you will find a link to the ‘Contents’ page. Unfortunately the ‘Contents’ page is only in English although the studies are in Khmer. You can also buy these books by writing to

Investing in Vision


The reason for creating these resources was to help me remember many of the things I have gleaned over the years from other people and through the counsel of the Holy Spirit. We can learn wonderful truths and then too easily forget them. Each link is a brief overview of a topic. At the end of this manual is a study guide for further discussion.

  1. General
    1. Signs of a Healthy Church
    2. Signs of a healthy Pastor
    3. The Pastor’s Spouse
    4. Sunday Worship Service
    5. Developing Ministries
  2. Pastoral
    1. Moral Purity
    2. Pastoral Care
    3. Small Groups
    4. Counselling
    5. Handling Conflict
    6. Church Discipline
    7. Pastoral Visitation
  3. Leadership
    1. Staffing
    2. Call or resignation
    3. Retreats
    4. Burnout
    5. Cost of Pastoring
  4. Special Events
    1. Child Dedication
    2. Baptism
    3. Communion
    4. Weddings
    5. Funeral
  5. Outreach and Followup
    1. Missions
    2. Mission’s Policy
    3. Church Planting
    4. Evangelism
    5. Discipleship
  6. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
    1. Baptism of Power
    2. Divine healing
    3. Prophecy
    4. Release from Bondages
  7. Management
    1. Church Government
    2. Committees
    3. Decision Making
    4. Financial Giving
    5. Emergency Fund
    6. Time Management
    7. Church Newsletter
    8. Arranging Camps
  8. Appendix
    1. Minister’s Associations
    2. The Sabbatical
    3. Church Membership
    4. Church Constitution
    5. Prayer Calendar
    6. Study Guide

Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ

This ‘Growing in Christ’ basic Bible study course is designed primarily for new Christians who have a desire to know Christ personally and to become His follower. It continues on from the ‘New Life in Christ’ booklet. These studies may be done privately, with another person or in a group. However, it is best to discuss each completed study with a more mature Believer for guidance and encouragement. The New International Version of the Bible has been taken as the basic text for these studies. Other translations can be used as well.

Chapter 1   The Quiet Time

Chapter2   Temptation

Chapter 3   Prayer

Chapter 4   Word of God

Chapter 5   Baptism

Chapter 6   The Holy Spirit

Chapter 7   Praise

Chapter 8   Church Commitment

Chapter 9   Stewardship

Chapter 10 Guidance

Chapter 11 Implications of the Cross

Chapter 12 Communion

Chapter 13   Enjoying God

Cover 6

Khmer Contents Page

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