Leadership Blogs

I hope you find these brief blogs useful. They are primary design for those in any form of Christian leadership roles, but particularly those in pastoral ministry. You will notice that at the bottom of each blog there are some suggested ‘resources’ to follow through on if you are interested. You are also welcome to write to me if I can be of help at Alan.Utting@mercyteams.net or if you want to receive a monthly blog by email. At the bottom of each article there is a ‘PRINT VERSION’ if you so desire to print it.

Bible                                      Burnout                       Dark Secrets          

Deliverance and demons

Forgiveness                         Fear                                 Glory of God

Glory of God is the hope of the world                     God is really good

Guidance                         Intimidation and control

isolation matters               Joy                                     Marriage

Meditation                          Miracles                           Most important thing

Movements and Institutions                                     

Personal Prayer teams      Power of Praise             Reason and Revelation

Relationships                      Sabbath Rest                  Self – Care

Spiritual disciplines – Part 1.                                     Spiritual discipline – Part 2

Sexual Purity                      Spiritual warfare               Team Building

Technology                        The Limp

Transitional / Intentional Ministry                              Wisdom

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